Well, sorta.

Some of you may be aware that I have another site out there (www.matthewriegler.com) that I use primarily to showcase my architectural work and, hopefully, to get more.  Well, that was done on a mac program called iWeb and used a mac hosting service called mobileMe, both of which are going to be going away.  Or something, nobody really knows.  So I've been trying to transition over to something else and landed on WordPress as a stopgap until I figure out how to do Dreamweaver or some such.  Hey, it's free, plus I bought a training program on my iPad for five bucks that got me going on it.  It used a local install, though, so the things I did weren't being published publicly.  They just sat on my hard drive.

The point being, the eight posts that I did today were an anomaly - they were just me, copying and pasting and reformatting for the live site (which, by the way, can't use the custom theme I was working with on the local install.  Bummer.).  I hope to post regularly, but it sure won't be eight posts a day.  So don't get your hopes up.

In terms of content - the music thing will continue, because I like to do it, but there will be other stuff, too.  Michigan sports (sports of all content, actually), movies, architecture criticism and works in progress, politics, computer stuff, whatever strikes my fancy.  Stay tuned!
AuthorMatthew Riegler