Covering a bunch of singles and incomplete albums here...

Andrew Bird, "Fitz and The Dizzyspells" - 2 stars.  Bury it.

Nothing wrong with it, I guess, but will I miss it when it's gone?  No.  No, I will not.



Anjulie, "Boom" - 2 stars.  Bury it.

It starts well enough, with some 60s feedback guitar...but then she opens her mouth, with the faux-baby voice and the weird euro accent, and I can't get to the skip button fast enough.  No.



Arrested Development, "3 Years, 5 Months, etc." - 3 stars.  Hold it / Bury it.

I only had / have 3 songs from this album - "People Everyday," "Mr. Wendal," and "Tennessee,"  Now it's two - I remember that I burned "Tennessee" because I read somewhere that it's an important song.  Which it is, I guess, but it doesn't do much for me, at least not as much as the other two.

Asa, "Jailer" - 3 stars.  Hold it.

This song really snuck up on me - at first I was put off by the accent and the slowness, but she has an interesting voice that stays that way.  A good song, worthy of more listens.
AuthorMatthew Riegler