Day 4, a few more podcasts

  • Studio 360 - usually good, sometimes great, but like some other podcasts I find myself deleting without listening.
  • Fresh Air - ditto.
  • 60 Minutes Audio - I subscribed specifically because I don't always watch, but if I don't see it, Camilla does, and if a story sounds interesting I watch it online.
  • Beyond The To-Do List - a pretty obscure one that I only found via a specific episode featuring Merlin Mann, which was great but not really representative of the overall quality.

I do tend to fade in and out of podcasts, so the first two will probably show back up someday.

Day 5:  I used to follow and use a website called freecycle, the idea behind which was simple:  you have stuff you don't want, and you don't want to just throw it away, because someone could use it, but you also don't want to go to the hassle of trying to sell it.  So you offer it, free, to someone else, using the freecycle website.  I've gotten rid of tons of stuff this way...old patio furniture, leftover building materials, some old records and 8-track tapes, a garden hose...but I've given way, way more than I've gotten.  A stove, a dining table, shelf brackets, a dishwasher, all sorts of useful things.

One of those useful things is a working stereo system (this is back in the days before the iPods and bluetooths), but I don't use it any more, and it just takes up space in my armoire and under my bed.  This one is going to CompRenew, which is our local electronics recycling resource (and which is awesome source for various gadget-type bits and pieces like cables, and plugs, and other ephemera.

AuthorMatthew Riegler