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The Avett Brothers, "Emotionalism" - 0 stars.  Bury it.

The Avett Brothers, "I And Love And You" - 0 stars.  Bury it.

I suppose that the die I've struck asks me to do separate reviews and commentary on individual albums, but I simply can't separate these two out.

And I can't describe how much I despised every just about single second of both of them.  They're both just so jam-packed full of earnest, ham-handed, faux-homespun self-importance.  Just about every song makes me want to go find someone and punch them in the face - and I think it's me.  The first song is a contrived little ditty that just drips with melancholia called "Die, Die, Die," and I hate, hate hate it from the moment the lead singer opens his earnest, sincere mouth.  The falsetto harmony (not unusual for these guys) makes it worse.  All I can think of is bearded, flanneled hipsters, with their ironic felt hats, crooning soulfully into their retro microphones.

I can't destroy every single copy of these records, unfortunately, but I can sure as hell delete them from my computer.  With extreme prejudice.

AuthorMatthew Riegler