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I have no idea - none - how or why to write this one.  I certainly can't add anything insightful or interesting to the massive pile of writing about them.  They're all great records, and they're all keepers...but I rarely listen to them, if at all.  That's not the fault of the records, but they're all such warhorses.  I can't get anything new out of any of them.  So this one will just be a catalog of songs that I'm keeping.

The Beatles, "Rubber Soul" - 5 stars.  Hold It.

Keeping "Drive My Car", "Norwegian Wood", and "I'm Looking Through You" (yes, I know that this is a kinda unusual choice...I've just always liked it for some reason)

I'd also like to point out that "Michelle" is the worst thing The Beatles ever recorded.  I'm not even kidding about this.  It makes me want to smash my iPod with a hammer.


The Beatles, "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" - 5 stars.  Hold it.

This was one of the first 8-track tapes I ever had - I think one of my uncles was throwing it away, or some such.  I didn't have a lot of tapes, so I listened to this one a lot.  It's pretty great, still, and given the fact that it's really more of a song cycle than a collection of singles it's difficult to cut and paste this one.  So, I'm going to go against what I wrote earlier and keep the whole damn thing.  Even "When I'm Sixty-Four," which is classic Paul schmaltz and which makes me dive for the 'skip' button every single time it comes on.

By the way - Paul schmaltz..."Paultz"?  No, that makes me think of 70s New York Nets forward Billy Paultz.  "Schpaultz"?  yeah.  Maybe.  But I digress.

The Beatles, "Let It Be" - 5 stars.  Hold it.

Keeping "Two Of Us" (it's just a nice, hook-ey, pop song), "I've Got A Feeling," and "Get Back."

"Let It Be" might be the greatest rock song ever - seriously - but it just can't surprise or delight me anymore.  Sad, kinda.


AuthorMatthew Riegler