Asteroids Galaxy Tour, "Fruit" - 3 stars Dig it / bury it

I was fucking around on the internet, as usual, and came across a long-form ad for Heineken...the ad is outstanding, funny and clever, but what makes it really stand out is the backing track:  "The Golden Age," by Asteroids Galaxy Tour.  I must have watched the ad half a dozen times just to hear the song again, and it bears up to both repeated listens and the fact that the actual track is almost 4 minutes (as opposed to the 90 seconds used in the commercial).  It's a real keeper.

So I dashed out and downloaded the whole thing.  Unfortunately, the rest of the album, while okay, isn't quite as good.  "The Sun Ain't Shining," "Around The Bend," "Sunshine Coolin'" make the cut, but the rest don't.
AuthorMatthew Riegler