Fred was talking about trees this weekend.  He brought up the Psalm that says "be like a tree, beside the rushing waters," or some such (I can't quote the Psalm, of course, because I'm a Catholic.  No Old Testament here).  An acorn contains all the tree will ever be, trees grow roots in to the ground and reach to the sky, an oasis starts with a single tree, then there's another, then another, etc.  I'm sure I'm both misquoting and filling in things he didn't actually say.

The reason for that is that he said "roots," and i was immediately...elsewhere.  It occurred to me that I don't have any roots.  I did, once.  I unrooted myself to get married, I unrooted myself when that marriage went in the crapper, I unrooted myself to move in with my best friend, and I'm about to unroot myself once again.  My emotional roots are no different than my physical ones.   I want so much to...stand tall.  On my own.  Branches as high as the sky.

But the ground just keeps shifting, over and over and over, and now I carry my roots in a bundle over my own shoulder, just wanting somewhere to drop them for good.  I wish that would happen.

AuthorMatthew Riegler